Ben Hur at the Teatre Coliseum of Barcelona


After debuting with great success of critics and audiences in the 64th edition of the International Classic Theater Festival of Mérida, this crazy and hilarious comedy arrives in Barcelona. Adapting to theater one of the most epic and award-winning stories in the history of cinema, and also doing it in a humorous way is not easy. A challenge for the company Yllana and Nancho Novo, the one in charge of adapting the text to the theatrical language.


The work constantly maintains a fast rhythm and visually is very ingenious. As much that the creators have defined it like Teatromascope: the production that they have created allows to approach this epic story to the spectator of today without losing its grandiosity, thanks to a constant game between the cinematographic language and the theater. Ingenious visual gags, mordacious and absurd dialogues are displayed by the four actors and two actresses (Agustín Jiménez, María Lanau, Agustín Jiménez, Richard Collins-Moore, Elena Lombao, Víctor Massán and Fael García) who give life to a multitude of characters to tell us what nobody dared to tell about Ben-Hur.

Ben-Hur and the "fake news"

Endowed with a refined black humor, distinctive sign of Yllana and the purest Monty Python style, in this delirious comedy are introduced very current topics, such as the "fake news" or the secondary role that women have been relegated to throughout of history.