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How to get to Barcelona from El Prat airport (BCN)

El Prat (BCN) is the main Barcelona airport. It is about 17 km south-west of the Barcelona city centre (Plaça Catalunya). From the airport you can get to the city by bus, train or taxi (the metro for the airport is under construction).


Aerobus BarcelonaThe fastest bus with a more frequent service is the AEROBUS. It has a light blue colour and there are busstops at all the terminals of the airport. It runs beween the airport and the Plaça de Catalunya (centre of Barcelona) and the travel time is about 35 minutes. There are 2 lines, the A1 (light blue) which runs from the Terminal 1 (T1) and the A2 (light blue) from the Terminal 2 (T2). The price for the one way ticket is 5,90 Euros and round ticket is 10,20 Euros (price 2015). Children under 4 years are free.

This is the route from the airport (Terminal T1): Plaza España, Gran Via-Urgell, Plaza de la Universitat and Plaza Catalunya (city centre). From Plaza Catalunya to the airport: Sepúlveda-Urgell, Plaza Españya, Airport Terminal T1. Timetable:

Line A1 Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) - Terminal T1 (Airport)

  • From 05.30 h a 06.50 h every 10 min
  • From 06.50 h a 21.45 h every 5 min
  • From 21.45 h a 00.30 h every 10 min

Line A1 Terminal T1 (Aeropuerto) - Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona)

  • From 06.10 h a 07.30 h every 10 min
  • From 07.30 h a 22.25 h every 5 min
  • From 22.25 h a 01.05 h every 10 min

This is the route from the airport (Terminal T2B): Airport (Terminal T2C), Plaza España, Gran Via-Urgell, Plaza de la Universitat and Plaza Catalunya (centre of the city). From Plaza Catalunya to the airport: Sepúlveda-Urgell, Plaza Españya, Airport (Terminal T2B) to the airport terminal T2C. Timetable:

Line A2 Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) - Terminal T2 (Airport)

  • From 05.30 h to 06.50 h every 20 min
  • From 06.50 h to 22.20 h every 10 min
  • From 22.20 h to 00.30 h every 20 min

Terminal T2 (Airport) - Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona)

  • From 06.00 h to 07.00 h every 20 min
  • From 07.00 h to 23.00 h every 10 min
  • From 23.00 h to 01.00 h every 20 min

The service operates 365 days a year, always with the same schedule.

There is another bus line with less frequency which takes you to Barcelona (Plaça Espanya). The travel time is a bit longer (about 50 minutes) but the ticket, you can buy it on the bus, is cheaper (2,15 Euros, price 2015). It's the line línea 46.


Barcelona Sants EstacióThe access is from Terminal 2 (T2) through a pedestrian walkway. There is a free airport shuttle bus between the 2 Terminals, for those who arrive or depart from the Terminal (T1).

THE STOPS (with connections to metro and bus lines):

  • Main train station of Sants (Plaça de Sants, close to the Plaça d'Espanya)
  • Passeig de Gracia (centre of Barcelona)
  • Clot-Aragó (Av. Meridiana, close to the Plaça de les Glòries)
  • Barcelona-Sant Andreu Comtal

Time tables (from the aiport): monday to sunday from 05:42 23:38.
Frequency: every half an hour.
Travel time to Barcelona Sants: 19 minutes
Price 1 way: 4,10 Euros (price 2015)


Taxi BarcelonaBarcelona taxis are easily spotted with their yellow and black livery. There are taxi ranks outside each terminal building. The journey into the city takes around 20 minutes and costs around EUR 30,--. (journey + luggage).

Hire a car

The airport access road is the Barcelona-Castelledefels motorway C-31. The exit B-22 leads to the T1 and the C-32B leads to the T2. The 2 terminals are connected by a road. The C-31 motoway leads directly into the city on the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes (popular Gran Via), the principal Avenue of Barcelona which runs the city from south to north, and it's quite easy to get to the centre. By the way, if you rent a car you will need a parking. Here you can reserve a park space in one of the best and cheapest parkings of Barcelona for visitors.


Yoneyama Akira's picture
Yoneyama Akira

How can I get carre Escorial 32 baixos from Barcelona airpot? Thank you very much.

WeBarcelona's picture

Dear Mr Yoneyama, If you arrive to the T2 you could take the train to Passeig de Gràcia station. There you can take the metro L4, the green one (Trinitat Nova direction) to Joanic station. In Joanic station you can walk to the address you mention. Ariving at T2 or T1 (probably you will arrive at T1) you can take the AEROBUS to Plaça Catalunya (last bus stop). From there you can walk along Passeig de Gràcia to Passeig de Gràcia metro station (L4). All this is valid assuming you arrive at daytime. We hope this information is useful for you.

Kris's picture

Could you tell me how far this address is from the drop off point of the AeroBus at Plaza Catalunya? We think that we'll be able to walk to it in a decently short amount of time (no more than 15 minutes).

Thank you for your help.

WeBarcelona's picture

Dear Kris,
You can walk to the address you mentioned. The AEROBUS bus stop is only 5 minutes from La Rambla 124.
We hope you have a nice stay in Barcelona.

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