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We BarcelonaWebarcelona SL, owner of the website www.webarcelona.net is a company founded in 2000. Our website was created as a guide for Barcelona trying to provide the best information for its visitors. And in that we still continue. And we continue with significant new sections such as "events" where you can find free events among others, or the "A proposal for today," an interesting microsection in which we offer a combination of related options that can be of interest not only for visitors but also for the residents.

Services are another important part of WeBarcelona. Services can be booked directly on our website, such as reservations of a parking space and book transfers, or services offered in collaboration with other companies, such as accommodation and ticket sales.

Our goal is that you are able to enjoy your stay and see the best of the beautiful and exciting city of Barcelona, its culture, its architecture, its gastronomy and leisure, and to have the best possible information to get to the city and explore it.

In October 2014 we launched a new version of www.webarcelona.net more modern and adapted to mobile devices for visitors to our web site and we hope you will visit Barcelona and will leave us comments, questions or suggestions on every page of information or each new blog article that we publish..

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