A walk on the Montjuïc mountain – Views of Barcelona at dawn

Un passeig per Montjuïc - Vistes de Barcelona al vespreThe name of the mountain is Montjuïc, but Wikipedia says that a mountain is usually defined as any summit at least of 700 metres high above sea level and the Montjuïc "mountain" has only 173 metres above sea level. Actually we should call it the hill of Montjuïc but imagine if the most important installations of the Olympic games in 1992 would have been held on the hill of Montjuïc and not on the Montjuïc mountain, no one would have taken us serious. But besides these topographic fact, we will call it mountain and we focus now on the region.

To get to Barcelona by car from France

Llegar en coche a Barcelona desde FranciaIf you are using a GPS or you like to get lost (get lost is an adventure) because you are using a worn out plan, which a friend who has been in Barcelona 5 years ago, has given to you just before you started your trip or you use an Online route planner, you don´t need to read this article which opens our blog, somehow late. And I say late because we are one of the last agencies for holiday apartments in opening our blog. The why, may be we will explain it later, it`s not the right moment now. If you want to visit Barcelona by car on the motorway, coming from France on the A9-E15, you have to make two "big" decisions.

Discount cards to visit Barcelona

To save money when visiting Barcelona it is a good idea to buy discount cards and combined tickets that offer discounts to enter the best museums, the major tourist attractions and to have flat rate using public transport in Barcelona. In addition to money, you can save time because in many cases you can avoid the long lines that are formed to buy tickets at the places of interest. We present here the most important cards so that you can check which ones may interest you more according to your preferences and the duration of your stay in Barcelona.

Barcelona cable cars

The first meaning of Cable Car in the dictionary of the Collins says: " A cable car is a vehicle for taking people up mountains or steep hills. It is pulled by a moving cable.". But in the present context, we want to define it otherwise, "a transportation system that offers panoramic views and in which people float in the air in a vehicle that seems to move very slowly, providing pleasant sensations, mixed with astonishment and a relaxed and slightly euphoric feeling".

Other peculiar transports of Barcelona

Las Golondrinas

.It is one of the most emblematic transports of the city. Las Golondrinas  are motor-driven boats, located in the Moll de les Drassanes, at the end of the Ramblas and take short-trip cruises through the port of Barcelona.

The Funiculars of Barcelona

Within the transport classified as peculiar and antique we find the funiculars. In Barcelona, we present here three of them...

Barcelona public holidays and local festivals

Barcelona is a city with a lot of tradition and celebrates a great number of fiestas, some are catalan traditions, some are traditions of the city of Barcelona and others are quarter traditions. Each quarter (barrio) celebrates its own festival every year with music, dance and eating and drinking in the streets.

Where to park cheap in Barcelona - Low cost car park

Barcelona car parks have always been known as expensive, but that has changed. For some time there are options aimed at tourists and visitors in general that allow to park in Barcelona in such a way that the parking space costs almost as much as the room of a budget hotel.

Where to eat patatas bravas in Barcelona

The art of "tapear" is a widespread practice in Barcelona. Octopuses, ham, croquettes ... and "patatas bravas", the traditional bravas of bars and restaurants, prepared with secret recipes, which are always served with a special sauce. Let's find out where to eat the best patatas bravas in the city of Barcelona.

The Barcelona of Miró: after the footsteps of the artist

If something defines Barcelona is its most artistic aspect. Something that can be seen throughout the city, thanks to the number of painters, sculptors and architects who have lived in it and have left their mark in the quarters and squares.


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