The American Film Festival in Barcelona stands as a prominent platform for the promotion of North American cinema in Spain. This annual event aims to bring the Catalan audience closer to the richness and diversity of contemporary North American cinematography, offering a carefully curated selection of films spanning various genres, styles, and themes. This festival provides cinephiles with the opportunity to explore new voices and perspectives within the film industry of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. With its focus on quality and innovation, the American Film Festival solidifies its position as a key event for cinema enthusiasts in Barcelona.

Sections of Americana

Screenings are divided into three sections, Americana TOPS, featuring some of the most awarded or anticipated films in the US indie scene, Americana NEXT, where visibility will be given to emerging directors with future potential, and Americana DOCS, the documentary section that this year will be named DXCS!? Americana also includes another section dedicated to short films, Americana SHORTS.

The 2024 edition of Americana

The eleventh Americana Festival brings a diverse and exciting selection of films that will be screened in various cinemas in Barcelona from March 5 to 10. The opening will take place at Cine Phenomena and continue at Cinemes Girona, Zumzeig, and Cines Texas. The NEXT section presents works such as "The Adults," a comedy starring Michael Cera, and "Fremont," a black and white gem about an Afghan refugee in a Chinese fortune cookie factory. Other highlights include "Los Rayos Gamma," exploring the lives of racialized teenagers in Montreal, and "Sometimes I Think About Dying," a poetic film delving into the mind of its protagonist. Covering themes from dark comedy to queer drama and reflections on artificial intelligence, Americana promises a varied and captivating cinematic experience.

In the DXCS!? section, "Menus-Plaisirs- Las Troisgros" by Frederick Wiseman stands out, exploring the cuisine of a French restaurant with three Michelin stars for over 50 years. "King Coal" takes us to Appalachia, offering a charming glimpse into coal-related culture. In "Gasoline Rainbow," the Ross brothers direct a road movie featuring five teenagers from Oregon. From Mexico, "Breaking la vida" follows hip-hop enthusiasts for six years. "Beyond Utopía" delves into North Korea, exploring the stories of those trying to escape a lost utopia. "Kokomo City" reflects on the identity and femininity of African American trans sex workers, while "The Featherweight" reveals a fascinating chapter in the life of boxer Willie Pep. This section offers a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

TOPS, the highlighted section of the Americana Festival, offers a diverse selection of notable films. "A Thousand and One," Sundance winner, tells the story of a brave African American mother who kidnaps her son to ensure him a promising future. "Mutt" authentically and sensitively portrays the life of a young trans individual, winning awards at Sundance. "Rotting in the Sun" by Sebastián Silva blends drugs, sex, and wild comedy, with three nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards. "Showing Up" by Kelly Reichardt presents an artistic rivalry between Michelle Williams and Hong Chau. "El Sucesor" by Xavier Legrand offers a realistic horror thriller about a fashion designer. "Las habitaciones rojas" is an intense and terrifying film about the trial of a serial killer. "Riddle of Fire," Sitges award-winner, closes the festival with a modern fairy tale. "The Beast" by Bertrand Bonello explores a future where artificial intelligence threatens emotions. "Biosphere" is a sci-fi comedy featuring Mark Duplass. "Third Week" by Jordi Torrent addresses universal themes such as redemption and hope. "Ex-Husbands" explores the breakup of couples and paternal-filial relationships. "The Sweet East" is a surrealistic road movie that stood out at Cannes.

SHORTS, the short film section, enriches the program with standout works such as "Fur," an animated gem; the poetic documentary "Letter to Rosie," addressing child abuse; "Je ne suis un star de cinema" by Hugo de Soussa; "We Were Meant to," a fable about racial discrimination in the form of fantasy cinema; and "Lemon Tree," which participated in the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes. Additionally, this year highlights a free session dedicated to short films made by students from Mexico's leading film universities, a selection curated by the students of La casa del cine.

Retrospective at the Filmoteca

Sean Price Williams, the festival's special guest, not only shines as a debut director with "The Sweet East" but has also been the cinematographer for prominent independent films of the last decade, collaborating with renowned filmmakers. His contribution as a cinematographer includes films like "Her Smell," "Good Time," "Thirst Street," and "One Man Dies a Million Times." This year, the festival will feature a retrospective of his most notable works, providing viewers with the unique opportunity to explore his versatility and talent in the independent film world.

Ticket prices are €8, with shareable passes of 6 tickets for €40. Short film sessions will cost €4.

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