World chocolates workshop

Temporarily closed


Çukor will transport you to the sweet universe of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", the film by Tim Burton. Wherever you look you will see sweets, chocolates and chocolate of different varieties presented in different forms. Everything at Çukor is carefully crafted and packaged. And it is in this environment where the world chocolates workshop takes place.

Techniques and tricks to make chocolate candies

The workshop, which is held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, is participatory and is divided into several exercises. What is clear, you will stain your hands with chocolate. Peter, Natalia or Tomás, the pilots of the workshop, will teach you techniques and tricks that you will be putting into practice at the moment. In the 90 minutes that the workshop lasts you will discover the fun and creativity that the chocolate sweets makes. And the best, at the end, you will take the chocolates that you have made in a beautiful box. In Çukor they are sure that you will repeat.

Duration: 1 hour and a half
Language: Spanish (they also offer workshops in English, on request, from Wednesday to Friday in the morning)