Händel's Messiah concert in Barcelona


The oratorio The Messiah by Georg Friedrich Händel will be represented in Barcelona in the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar. Händel composed this work in London in 1741 in only three weeks, and although it is an oratorio associated with Christmas, this work is about all life of Jesus. The libretto was created by Charles Jennens with fragments of verses from the King James Bible. Jennes conceived the work more as an opera of three acts than as an oratorio. Months after being composed, The Messiah premiered in Ireland, but the grand premiere was in 1742, also in Ireland, at the New Music Hall in Dublin for a charity concert.

Performed by the Polifònica de Puig-Reig choir and the Jove Filharmònica Catalana (Joficat), directed by Melani Mestre. Performers: Natasha Tupin (soprano), Maria Melnychyn (mezzo), Patrik Tapiol (tenor) and Fernando Álvarez (bass).