Festival Visual Brasil


Visual Brasil is a festival dedicated to audiovisual research that this year reaches its 17th edition. In this festival you can watch video art, 3D mapping and audiovisual performances, and attend workshops on real-time video production, the culture of free creation and new collaborative formats.

Visual Brasil will have more than 60 artists, local and international groups and activities spread over two stages: the VB Stage and the TKLAB Space.

The VB Scenario

The VB Scenario will celebrate the nights dedicated to tropical Latin American music, with artists such as VENGA-VENGA, who talk about cultural appropriation, migration, sexual diversity and the rediscovery of urban space, or SR GAVIRIA, Colombian music producer and DJ, who, together with the also Colombian BANANA SOUND CARTEL, carry out a musical experiment that some call "Electropical Music". All shows are accompanied by the best visual artists.

The TKLAB Space

The TKLAB Space that is dedicated to more experimental proposals. In this space we can attend sessions like Algorave -TOPLAP with music and visuals generated with live code or Poetry in the Darkness - KØMMEN a dream AV Live about identity and memory.

3D Mapping on the facade of Punt Multimèdia

On Friday, September 27 at 10 p.m. 3D mappings will be projected on the facade of the Punt Multimèdia created by Darklight Studio, Vini Fabretti, Homem Gaiola, Marqu VR, Chema Siscar and VJ Lê Pantoja.

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