Festival Tradicionàrius


The Tradicionàrius is a folk music festival whose new edition, number 32, starts on Friday, January 11 and ends on April 12. The events and concerts take place mainly in the auditorium and bar of the CAT (Center Artesà Tradicionàrius) and in the streets, squares and markets of the Gràcia district of Barcelona, but some acts and concerts take place in other towns in Catalonia.

The Tradicionàrius festival is opened with the percussion of the group Kabum and the collective Guirigrall, group of grallas formed for the event. Also they will count on the historical formation the pesigolles (group of grallers), that celebrate 35 years and they will interpret to us their more known themes. Afterwards, Roger Andorrà presents the Electrogralla show with a single gralla connected to electronic pedals (mixing and sound transformation). Roger Giménez keyboards and the dance of Nuria Hontercillas will accompany him.

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