FC Barcelona - FC Dinamo Kiev

Football - Champions League

Tickets for the FC Barcelona match of the Champions League at Camp Nou, on October 20 (6:45 p.m.).

Facts about the rival

FC Dinamo Kiev (officially: Futbolny Klub Dynamo Kyiv) was founded in 1927. This football team from the Ukrainian city of Kiev is the one that has won the most titles in Ukraine and in the former USSR. Its stadium, the Kiev Olympic Stadium, has a capacity for more than 70,000 spectators. He has won 13 Soviet league championships, 16 Ukrainian leagues, 9 Soviet Cups, 12 Ukrainian Cups, 3 Soviet Super Cups and 5 Super Cups. In international tournaments, Dynamo Kiev has won 2 European Cup Winners' Cups and 1 European Super Cup.

Last matches between FC Barcelona and FC Dinamo Kiev

FC Barcelona and FC Dinamo Kiev met last season (2020/2021) in the group stage of the Champions League. In the match played at the Olympic in Kiev, Barça won by 0:4, and in the match played at the Camp Nou the Catalan team won by 2:1.