Eufònic Urbà


Eufònic Urbà at Arts Santa Mónica offers us a selection of some of the best audiovisual performances and experimental proposals of the original edition of Eufònic, the festival of sound, visual and digital-performative arts held at the end of the summer in Terres de l'Ebre.

Eufònic Urbà includes an exhibition or several that can be seen during every day of the festival, and activities, AV performances, project presentations and performances that are held only a few days.

Art installations (from February 4 to 29)

Eufònic Urbà, which reaches its eighth edition this year 2021 presents six installations in which stand out "Poetics of algorithmic space" from the visual and auditory series "f ()" by Japanese multimedia creator Tomonaga Tokuyama; the artistic installation "Kilobots", by the sound art experimenter Lina Bautista, an artist selected in the call for research and experimentation from Hangar, Center for the Production and Research of Visual Arts; "Love Synthesizer" by Anaisa Franco and Lote Amorós, with a piece that reacts to human contact; and cabosanroque with "Sous les Violons la plage", which proposes the collective destruction of a quartet hanging from the ceiling while Haydn's String Quartet No. 66 plays.

All art installations can be visited from February 4 to 29 except "Sous les violons, la plage!" from cabosanroque (February 11 to 14).

Performances and sound actions (February 4, 5 and 6 - online)

The musical performances and sound actions will be carried out without an audience and can be followed online. We will have the premiere in Barcelona of the show by Grandia, Martorell and Vilajuana "Acto De Fe", a rereading of traditional religious songs passed through the filter of the XXI century in a co-production between Eufònic, Fira Tàrrega and Fira Mediterrània with the support of Convent de les Arts d'Alcover and Konvent.0; electronic singer-songwriter Ro.e, a Basque artist living in Sweden; Ferran Fages and Carme Torrent with a piece that unites dance and sound; David Aguilar and Ander Fernández with a film-concert; Ilaria Sartori and Eloisa Matheu with a dialogue performance; the action for body and sound by Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou "I Am (T) Here"; and a special action-performance by Alfredo Costa Monteiro invisible to the public and that will resonate throughout the Arts Santa Mónica center.