Canibal Sound System - Sala Apolo


Every Wednesday, for 15 years, a Canibal party. Born from the success of a Mundo Caníbal, 18 km from Barcelona. If not the best one is one of the best, of the most powerful specialized in mestizo sounds, that is to say, in almost everything, but the secret of a cocktail is not only in its ingredients, if not in the dose and in the way of mixing them. Shaken, not stirred. Reggae, dancehall, hiphop, balkan, ska, rock, rumba, world music ... And every Wednesday they incorporate new Jamaican sounds.

If you like to dance and do it in an emblematic space, you will have to go to the Caníbal party of the Sala Apolo. They will start soft, sexy, with reggae, dub, drum and bass roots, but little by little the intensity will go up because the night is long. The temperature will rise, the dance floor will be already the dance floor, and there will be no difference between me and you. We all dance to the rhythm of dancehall, jungle or dubstep. And maybe you will even dance with the trap, reguetón or mombathon. It is the Caníbal spirit definitely unchained.