BCN Sports Film - World FICTS Challenge


BCN Sports Film is part of the World FICTS Challenge, an international circuit of 18 festivals dedicated to sports-themed audiovisual productions. The Fédération Internationale Cinéma te Télévision Sportifs (FICTS), founder and sponsor of the circuit, is a non-profit association that, with the collaboration of the 116 member countries and the International Olympic Committee, promotes Olympism, and the ethical and culture of sport through film and television.

The main objectives of BCN SportsFilm are research, dissemination and knowledge of audiovisual creations related to sport in general. The phenomenon of sport as a representation of society explains its importance as a spectacle, but there is nothing better than this spectacle in a cinematographic key to understand its virtues.

At the 11th edition of BCN Sports Film, which will be held in person and online, we will have the opportunity to enjoy masterpieces of different genres and formats and, at the same time, films by new talents from around the world. Stories about rivalry, team or solo work, and individual or collective effort.

BCN SportsFilm is organized by the Barcelona Olympic Foundation and has the support of the Barcelona City Council, and is linked to the IBE, the Catalonia Film Festival and the Catalan Film Academy.