50 Photos With History


50 Photos With History proposes a journey through the last eighty years of photography in Spain. Each photograph has a history and reflects the history of an era and the way photography was understood. The exhibition is in an open public space so everyone can start the tour wherever they want, but if we follow the order established by the book on which it is based, we should start with the civil war, when graphic reporters like Agustí Centelles or Martín Santos Yubero, stand out for their work as chroniclers. In the postwar period and in the following years, new photographers appear, such as Ricard Terré, Joan Colom and Ramón Masats, who contribute new elements to photography: documentarism, satirical portraiture, photojournalism or street photography. The exhibition continues its journey through time through the Transition, a stage that also entailed a change in the visual language. New uses of photography arise, driven by photographers such as Alberto García-Alix, Pablo Juliá, Chema Madoz or Marisa Flórez. The exhibition also takes us to the documentary and the look of Spanish authors abroad that began in the 90s and continues today with authors such as Cristina García Rodero, José María Mellado, Navia, Isabel Muñoz and Sandra Balsells.

Among the selection of photographers of 50 Photos With History are 17 National Photography Awards and 2 National Plastic Arts Awards. The exhibition is a project of Signo Editores, and is organized by Acción Cultural Española and curated by José María Díaz Maroto.

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