Salón del cine y las series

Trade fair/Congress

The third weekend of May is the fourth edition of the Salón del cine y las series, a show that offers the public exhibitions, talks, workshops and activities related to the world of cinema and series. In this three-day event that despite its short life has become an essential appointment for many fans, you can live the movies and series in a different way. In the Salón del cine y las series you can listen to your favorite director live and ask him what you want, immerse yourself in the universe of the most terrifying fantasy movie saga in history, or know how the most amazing special effects are made.

The most outstanding activities of the Salón del cine y las series 2019

To give you a more precise idea. Among the most important activities of the Cinema and Series Show you can enjoy an exhibition of original costumes from science fiction movies such as Riddick Chronicles, Starship Troopers, Stargate or V. And there will be more; an exhibition of original cinema props with more than 100 original objects of cult films: from the Peter Pan costume, to the original script by Billy Elliot, through the prosthetics of Hellboy, weapons of Conan, the barbarian or Indiana Jones, Star Wars and two Terminators T-800; a talk with beer invitation included with the famous actor Miki Esparbé and the director of Perdiendo el Este, Paco Caballero, who will explain to you in a relaxed atmosphere how they prepare their projects from the perspective of the actor and the director; or an activity in which you can sound a fragment of a movie, using highly technological elements such as lettuce, paper, coconuts, or what is the same horses, thunder or shotguns. And more, many more: Zombie infection, BSO Challenge, dubbing with Spiderman, Thanos or Captain Marvel, the science behind The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones from within, the Oslo visit from The Paper House, and the list goes on.

The figures

  • 114 exhibitors
  • 35 talks
  • 12 exhibitions and activities
  • 26,353 attendees in the previous edition

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