The Magic Gate: a room escape full of fantasy


A master named August Bumbledore challenges you to give you your official magician's wand. It will be your last test and therefore your last chance to get it. To overcome the test you will have to enter his rooms and find the magic door. Discovering it will be the definitive proof to prove that you are authentic magicians.

Many have tried before you, and as often happens in these cases, very few have succeeded. You will need to deploy all your skills, and use some spell you will have learned in this school. There are 60 minutes left for the grand master to return to his office to rest, and he will not like to find you snooping around in his things ...

Characteristics and conditions

  • The game is not dangerous, it develops without scares and does not require physical strength.
  • Room adapted to people with reduced mobility, although you must inform about it when making the reservation.
  • If any element is broken, the game will be stopped and the participants will be expelled.
  • If you want to modify the day, you must do it 72 hours in advance.
  • If you can not attend, you can transfer the bonus to another person by making a change of assistant.
  • For every two minors, a responsible adult must attend, up to a maximum of six people. The discount offer is not valid for children groups.

Duration: 1 hour
Minimum age: 8 years
Price 2 people: € 60.00
Price 3 people: € 75.00
Price 4 people: € 88.00
Price 5 people: € 100.00
Price 6 people: € 108.00


  • From Monday to Thursday from 9:30h to 21:30h, (except holidays and eve of holidays).
  • From Friday to Sunday and holidays and eve of holidays: 9:30h, 11:00h, 14:00h