Choreoscope - International Film and Dance Festival of Barcelona


Choreoscope, the Barcelona International Dance Film Festival is aimed at both dance lovers and film lovers. Its objective is to promote the relationship with art in general and with cinema and dance in particular. Choreoscope will be held this year virtually and the festival can be seen on FILMIN, except for the special session at the Filmoteca.

In this year's edition, Choreoscope presents the premiere in Europe and Mexico of AVIVA, the award for exceptional contribution to dance cinema. They will feature two important tributes: one to Şafak Türkel, promoter of the Ankara CineDanza Festival; and another to the video creator, filmmaker, dancer, musician and choreographer Tuixén Benet. There is no shortage of premieres and the four official teams have titles of great interest. In addition, on September 26 at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, it will have its only face-to-face session with three films: The Heart Dances, The Euphoria of Being and Farewell.