Decked streets, Picasso before the camera, interactive gymkhana, the National Ballet of Spain and jazz in a Viennese café

Festival of Gràcia (Festa Major de Gràcia) | Program

The Festival of Gràcia have a long tradition and are one of the most famous in Barcelona for the various organized activities, but mainly for the decoration of the streets and balconies. Neighborhood associations work all year round to decorate the street to which they belong. First they decide the theme and then they design and create all the decorative elements based primarily on recycled material. The themes are different and so we can find a street dedicated to prehistory, another to space travel and another to love. But the important thing is to participate, a competition between the streets is organized and prizes for the three best decorated streets are granted. Oh, and the themes are secret until the day when the festivities begin. There is as well another competition, the decoration of the balconies in which each neighbor can participate.

Children, Cinema, Concerts, Exhibitions, Local fiestas

15/08/2019 to 21/08/2019

Free event

Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia

Picasso, the Photographer’s Gaze

The Picasso, the photographer's gaze exhibition is a trip to Pablo Picasso's universe through photography. The photographs of this exhibition have been selected from the personal archives of the artist from Malaga. You will be able to contemplate more than one hundred photographic period prints and unpublished glass plates. The tour is organized in chronological sections and thematic approaches that include important and unusual works: sculptures, paintings and drawings that dialogue with the photographs.


07/06/2019 to 24/09/2019

Picasso, the Photographer’s Gaze

Interactive gymkhana for Barcelona: Born, Grace or Gothic

An activity to discover or rediscover Barcelona in a different way. You can choose between 3 options: the Gothic Labyrinth, to explore the mysteries and legends of the Gothic quarter; Born stories, the neighborhood that speaks and tells stories; or curiosities of Gracia, a quarter with as much charm as the others but less known. This gymkhana is a perfect combination of fun, technology and culture, in which you will test your knowledge of Barcelona and your team will compete with other teams.

Children, Experiences

27/07/2019 to 07/01/2020

Interactive gymkhana for Barcelona: Born, Grace or Gothic

Zaguán & Alento - The National Ballet of Spain

Antonio Najarro puts an end at the Gran Teatre del Liceu to his stage at the head of the National Ballet of Spain with two of his greatest hits: "Zaguán" and "Alento". It has been 8 years of tireless work that has meant an aesthetic and style change for the company.


31/07/2019 to 03/08/2019

Zaguán & Alento - The National Ballet of Spain

Jazz sessions Hotel Casa Fuster + Drink

Jam Sessions with performances by leading classical jazz bands, which offer their repertoire in three sessions. The last one is a Jam Session in which the attending musicians can participate, taking advantage of the occasion to play with interpretation partners. The best music in a fantastic atmosphere and on a stage full of history.


01/08/2019 to 19/12/2019

Jazz sessions Hotel Casa Fuster + Drink