Christmas Special 2018 => 2019

Christmas special 2018 - 2019


Let's celebrate. We have a bit of 2018 left. Time for celebration and balance. We celebrate, yes, but do we really balance or do the media do it? Rather that. Although there must be something because the kiosks after summer and at the beginning of the year are filled, or were filled, of fascicles to start a collection, a language course ... a new beginning. I have to do something and change the course. Let us also hope that the world in general takes a good course. Social and environmental, and that will require good political direction, although we experience fatigue.

For the bit and the beginning of 2019 we have prepared a Christmas special. The great events of Christmas, New Year's Eve and the Magic Kings. Also markets, concerts, family cinema, shows ... Many activities are free. Check and choose yours.

What to do at Christmas in Barcelona

Now let's put some music to this Christmas with a classic, a rocker Christmas (close to punk), a rapper Christmas, a flamenco Christmas, a very heavy one, the worst Christmas (although it does not sound like that), aquí es Nadal, Feliza Navidad! and for those that these dates need to lift the mood:

Playlist 2018 => 2019

We wish you happy holidays and a happy 2019