Carl Sagan, in the TV series "Cosmos", told us that our star, the Sun, is second or third generation and that all the material we step on, the iron that travels through our blood, the calcium that forms the teeth and the carbon in our genes they were created a billion years ago inside a giant red star. Sagan concluded his explanation with one of the most famous phrases of the series "we are made of star stuff". Although it seems that he was not the first scientist to say it, the phrase helped us to become more interested in the universe. With this guided visit to the Fabra Observatory, you will not travel as far as Sagan proposed, you will stay in our Cosmos neighborhood, but you can feel the experience of coming into contact with the Universe.

A modernist work

The Fabra Observatory, owned by the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona, ​​is a modernist work designed by Josep Domenech i Estapà and built in 1904 in the Collserola mountains. Since then, it is dedicated to the study of astronomy, meteorology and seismology.

What will you do during the visit?

You will visit the interior of the building, while the expert guide explain the details of its history and of the main members who worked and took care of the Observatory Fabra, you will enjoy a conference, the views of Barcelona from the outside of the dome and you will be able to observe the moon, planets and even asteroids, depending on the day of the year (see calendar below).


The observations are carried out every Friday and Saturday.


Languages: Catalan and Spanish
Includes: Visit to the museum and modernist room (the hall of events of the Fabra Observatory), visit to the outside of the dome and observation with the telescope.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: Adults € 15 / Children (up to 12 years) € 7.50


Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
Includes: Guided tour of the museum and the rooms of the modernist building (auditorium, meridian glass and office) of the Fabra Observatory, conference, video of astronomy, visit to the outside of the dome, observation with the telescope and welcome glass of cava or fruit juice.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Price: Adults € 25 / Children (up to 12 years old) € 12.50

What can be seen at each time of year?

October 2022 - May 2023

See calendar (PDF)

15.00 €
Zip code
Sarrià Sant Gervasi
Observatorio Fabra, Camí de l'Observatori, s/n

How to get there

From Plaça Catalunya

FGC: S1 / S2 + Funicular de Vallvidriera + Bus: 111

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