The Festival Clàssics, organized by La Casa dels Clàssics and Abacus, puts the classics at the center of today's creative energies, promotes dialogue with the past to give strength and depth to contemporary culture, and promote rereadings of the classics that that move us and help us think about essential concerns of humanity. The Festival of Contemporary Arts and Thought was born in 2019 and over four editions it has featured artists such as Silvia Pérez Cruz, Àlex Rigola, Las Impuxibles, Jordi Savall, Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés, Abel Azcona, Enric Casasses or Sandra Balsells , among others.

The 2023 edition of the Festival Clàssics

The Festival Clàssics will open the fifth edition with the round table "Immortality" on Wednesday, October 11 at the CCCB and will be attended by María Blasco, Berta Meneses, Núria Terribas and Ricard Solé, moderated by Sira Abenoza. It will be an intimate dialogue between four participants with diverse points of view and experiences about life and death, immortality. Sira Abenoza, director of La Casa dels Clàssics, will introduce reference points of classical literature and thought with fragments of operas, concerts and works of art to weave the conversation. An exploration that connects with the great questions of life and death through experience, literature, philosophy and art.

The Casa dels Clàssics

La Casa dels Clàssics is a space that vindicates the validity of the classics of all time and disseminates them in all possible languages and formats, among a wide, diverse and transversal public. By bringing them closer to schools, the media, politics and the streets, it seeks to be a source of inspiration when it comes to building the country and the world we want. The Casa dels Clàssics is the entity responsible for publishing the “Bernat Metge” collection and has organized the Clàssics Festival and other events such as seminars, walks and conferences since 2019.

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