The BCNegra 2023 crime novel festival, which reaches its 18th edition, has positioned itself as one of the most important events in the crime crime genre in terms of the number of participating writers, the variety of content and the commitment to other cultural expressions in relation to gender and the success of the public in all the activities carried out. All BCNegra activities are free (except for the screenings at the Filmoteca de Catalunya) and you will be able to follow talks, round tables, screenings, exhibitions, guided tours, a musical performance, a play and literary encounters (writers talk with other professional colleagues).

BCNegra's motto for 2023: Double life

In this year's edition, BCNegra focuses on duplicity, doubles and parallel situations. The festival will explore the literary double as an expression of duality, binaryism and the struggle between extremes. Those in charge of submerging us in the double life, will be authors and authors of diverse origins, some veterans and others yet to be discovered. Names of the genre ranging from Leonardo Padura to Dominique Manotti, Claudia Piñeiro, Dolores Redondo, Alexis Ravelo, Núria Cadenes or Petros Márkaris, to name a few of the best known.

A large part of the authors who will be present at this year's edition have written about the idea of duplicity. The good neighbor who is also a bloody murderer; the double agent that divides soul and loyalties; or the gangster and family man are good literary and cinematographic examples of this duplicity, which exists in fiction, but also in real life, right?

Pepe Carvalho Award

Barcelona is on the black and criminal map of southern Europe thanks to Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and his fictional detective, Pepe Carvalho. In fact, the character contributed significantly to the revival of the genre on the continent. In memory of the teacher and his detective, each year a national or international author receives the Pepe Carvalho Award. The Argentine author Claudia Piñeiro will make public the identity of this year's winner. And the Pepe Carvalho Award is for... On February 6, at El Molino and at 4:30 p.m., we will know.

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