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Before leaving a comment or question on "WeBarcelona answers" browse our website first to find the main theme that interests you. If comments are closed on that page you'll find a link to "WeBarcelona answers" to write your comment or question.

You will find a form at the bottom of every page under the title “Contact” for the use of questions related to the services we offer but not for queries such as: How can I reach the apartment I rented in the street Valldonzella? Therefore for receiving a response on such issues you can use the form "Add a comment"..

And remember, we try to answer all the questions but we can not guarantee the answer! It is therefore very important to be as clear as possible when it comes to a question about an address. We often get questions, for example, to reach a certain direction in which is indicated only the name of the street ... and a street in Barcelona can have several kilometers.

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