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Holiday apartments in the Raval quarter of Barcelona


There are various reasons to rent a holiday apartment. In many cases the search is for the best price, because for a group it is almost always cheaper to book an apartment than several hotel rooms, but there are other reasons that have also an influence, as we want to show on our apartments page apartments: to have a space which not only serves as sleeping quarter, to feel at home and to know the peculiarities of the flats in other countries.. And about this is this article or rather, this interview. Does such a thing as a typical apartment of Spain exist? Of Catalonia? Of Barcelona? Of course not, there are many types. The apartments by Milagros Villaverde (Valdonzella A and B) are ideal for typical apartments in the Raval quarter, and as we know her for many years and know that she is an excellent professional, we wished to do this interview with her.

Since when do you rent your apartments?

I rent the apartements since 2003.

Are this typical apartments of the Raval quarter?

Yes, they were built in 1860. They have been and are home to generations of locals. Although I made changes, but I have tried to keep the elements that give it its true character, hydraulic floors, wooden beams....

By the way, what are hydraulic floors?

They are decorative floor tiles, patterned tiles, I guess, that you will publish pictures ? ...

Yes, sure they can be seen.

What can you tell us about the area?

El Raval, for me is the heart of Barcelona, and the atmosphere is a mixture of the port, Paralelo and Ramblas.

What kind of clients rent your apartments?

All kind of customers, families, groups of friends, couples...

Valdonzella BThe customer reviews are very good. All aspects are rated higher than the 8.50 score. Of all the aspects valued, the highest is the contact. Do you personally meet the client? If no, who does it otherwise?

I don’t receive personnally the customers, because of my lack of languages. There is a person in charge of welcoming them, who gets in contact with them before the arrival and answer any questions they have and serves them in whatever they need during their stay. About any problem I will be informed by this person and we try to solve the problems as soon as possible.

What are for you the most important aspects facing customers?

That they feel, that they are well cared for and comfortable in the apartment. And that they know that any problems they may have, as I said before, they can get in touch with us and we will do our best to serve them.

Why should anyone book your apartments?

Because they will feel like they're at home, but in El Raval quarter of Barcelona, near the Ramblas, cultural centers like the CCCB and the MACBA, metro, and restaurants and bars with lots of history.


The Valdonzella apartments are no longer available for short-term rentals.

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