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Hello Edit, if you are going to use public transport intensively for up to 5 days, Hola Barcelona is a little cheaper. For 6 days of intensive use it is better to buy the T-usual. To put it more clearly, in 7 days of intensive use the T-usual is better than buying 1 Hola Barcelona for 5 days and 1 Hola Barcelona for 2 days. What we say about the 2-3 weeks is because in that time it is very likely that the T-usual will be amortized, because the question is not only in comparing the Hola Barcelona with the T-usual, but those two cards also with the T -casual that is 10 trips and costs € 11.35. It may be that someone who is going to be in Barcelona for a week has enough with 2 T-casuals. What is certain is that if you are going to make more than 35 trips in 6 days, what interests you the most is the T-usual. Keep in mind, therefore, that the T-usual requires you to indicate your ID number and that only you can use it.

We hope we have explained ourselves well and have not messed you up more.