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Logia, Tattoo in Barcelona

Any time of year is good to visit Barcelona and enjoy all the possibilities offered by the city. To remember your time in the city you can find a great variety of souvenirs: shirts, magnets, figures ... but a way to take a unique and unforgettable memory of the holidays is to get a tattoo in Barcelona!

Tattoo studio in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that has a great connection with the world of tattooing: every year the tattoo convention is celebrated, a date attended by some of the most prestigious tattoo artists worldwide. In addition, there are numerous tattoo parlors in the downtown area of the city, although if you want a quality tattoo, we recommend that you opt for some of the best tattoo artists in Barcelona.

Logia Tattoo Barcelona is a tattoo studio located near the center of Barcelona. One of the peculiarities of this tattoo studio is that they have a fixed template and a temporary template of tattooers and piercers; In this way, by Logia Tattoo  some of the best tattoo artists in the world go through in their most "trendy" moments.

Walk-in Tattoo in Barcelona

Tattoo Logia Barcelona When you are on tourism you want to do different things that come out of your daily routine. From this idea and with the objective that your passage through Barcelona is an indelible memory, Logia Tattoo has popularized the term Walk-in tattoo.

A walk-in tattoo is based on the idea that you pass in front of the tattoo studio, you enter and one of the tattooists shows you ideas for tattoos and he tattoos you the proposal that you decide. In a while you (and your partner?) are again walking and visiting Barcelona, but with a memory of Barcelona in your skin.

The walk-in tattoo concept is for people who are unique but also for couples. Getting a tattoo as a couple is something that unites people intimately and in a unique way. Share a tattoo design or share some tattoos that, although they are different, are complementary to each other, so that your bond is reinforced.

Enjoy Barcelona in a different way and take an unforgettable memory of your time in the city! Surely when you see your new tattoo in the mirror you will feel like going back to Barcelona on vacation ... we are waiting for you!

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