Free WiFi in Barcelona

Guaifi BarcelonaAlthough there are many bars and restaurants that offer free Internet access to their customers (you know, the code on the back of the card or on a plastic card),& the restaurants association with the help of the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, has created the network GuaiFi, whose aim is to ensure that the more than 12,000 bars and restaurants of the city can offer their customers free WiFi. It is planned that the connection allows that up to 250 people at the same time can have a connection in a restaurant or bar,  and for using this service you have to register on the network Guaifi. Once one is registered, so your laptop, tablet or smartphone connect automatically  when entering a premises that is registered in Guaifi center network. And despite of safety concerns in public networks, it is said that this network offers a safe Antihacking- navigation, both for the local and the user. On the website of GuaiFi you find a button (contrataló) application, but don’t worry, this is for the bars and restaurants, as a user you just need to connect the WiFi for your device (laptop, etc.), open your browser and follow the instructions.

This network is connected to the network Barcelona WiFi from the Barcelona City Council, that also allows a free Internet access to public institutions of the city:

  • Administrative offices and service for the citizens
  • Neighborhood centers
  • Senior centers
  • Cultural- and museum centers
  • Sport centers
  • Markets of the communities
  • Libraries
  • Evening schools

Facilities which offer these services are are marked as follows:

Barcelona WiFi

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