Cinema on demand in movie theaters of Barcelona - Crowdticketing

Cinema on demand in movie theaters of Barcelona - Crowdticketing

When it seems that everything is over, when a change in a certain sector causes a jolt that shakes its operating principles sometimes arises a hope that is supported, in part, in the new rules of the game. Perhaps it is a too epic description of what Screenly means, the cinema platform on demand based on the crowdticketing that was born in Barcelona in 2015 and that directs its trip from Barcelona and Madrid, but no, it is not. If the project is consolidated as it seems to be after the "equity crowdfunding" campaign that has recently launched and is about to achieve its funding objective (by the way, the campaign ends on 15/03/2018, so you're still in time to invest), movie theaters and all the parties involved in the world of cinema, will have a new entry of stable income. And with that, lovers of cinema on a big screen, will be able to continue enjoying the seventh art, and the walls of the bars and restaurants around the movie theaters will continue to hear the typical "I loved it!".

2015 is the key year. With the basis of the pay-TV and satellite channels of Canal + and the Movistar TV platform in July, Movistar + was born, which broadcasts movies, series and other content via cable, satellite and internet. In October, the giant Netflix landed in Spain with the push of the series, later, HBO, Amazon .. (Rakuten, the Japanese Amazon came before but was the first to leave). Recently the two big competitors. Movistar + and Netflix have signed a collaboration contract, the film directors talk about being produced and distributed by Netflix, and the viewers, at home, in front of the television, next to the tablet and maybe also the mobile, although it seems difficult to see a movie on a smartphone. And movie theaters losing viewers.

The Screenly platform of the company Love Streams S.L. - We Make Responsive Cinema (founded at the end of 2013 by Alberto Tognazzi and Marc Prades) was officially launched in May 2015, the key year. Obviously, seeing the dates, Screenly was not founded as a reaction, but instead it was developed in parallel with the idea of exploring new models of distribution, exhibition and communication. Surely with the intuition of what was going to happen with the movies and series on demand by internet. Since its launch, Screenly has managed to be present in 82 cinemas throughout Spain, which means more than 400 movie theaters. And it keeps increasing day by day. But,

What is Screenly exactly?

Screenly is a web platform that allows anyone to organize projections on demand in movie theaters through crowdticketing. With this tool, viewers take control and become promoters of events to decide what to see, where and when. But Screenly is something else, it is a research platform for creators, distributors and exhibitors to create new ways to distribute in movie theaters, using the internet as an ally and not as an enemy. If Movistar +, Netflix and others put us through the Internet in front of the television and mobile devices, Screenly takes us in front of the big screen.

How does Screenly work?

  • Lo primero que has de hacer es elegir una película. No puedes elegir cualquiera que se te ocurra, has elegir alguna de las que tienen en su catálogo, pero ten en cuenta que se amplia constantemente.
  • Después has de elegir el cine y la sala de cine (al elegir la sala de cine estarás eligiendo un aforo determinado).
  • Y por último escoges el día y la hora.

Ya tendrías el evento montado, con el precio por entrada, y el aforo mínimo necesario para que el evento se confirme:

  • The first thing you have to do is choose a movie. You can not choose whichever you think of, you have to choose one of the ones you have in their catalog, but keep in mind that it is constantly expanding.
  • Then you have to choose the cinema and the movie theater (when choosing the movie theater you will be choosing a certain capacity).
  • And finally you choose the day and the time.

You would already have the event assembled, with the price per ticket, and the minimum capacity required for the event to be confirmed:


You just need to register ... and promote the event. Yes, you will be responsible for reaching the minimum capacity and enjoying the total success if the cinema is full. You will have between 7 and 45 days for the promotion and Screenly offers you basic tips to reach your goal. And the most interesting thing: it's about being something more than a projection, and that's why they talk about an event. And in that they can help you. Examples: a presentation with a special guest, a subsequent conversation with the director, a short film, a concert, an invitation to beer or any idea that helps sell as many tickets as possible.

And how does it work from the viewer's point of view?

Very easy. When an event is in campaign you reserve your tickets but they will not charge you until the event is confirmed. If the event is confirmed and there are still free seats, buy the ticket directly. You can print or download the tickets on your mobile. When you get to the cinema, at the ticket office you exchange it for the official ticket of the cinema and ... Enjoy the movie!

Associated movie theaters in Barcelona city

  • Aribau Club    
  • Aribau Multicines    
  • Balmes Multicines
  • Cinema Maldà    
  • Cinemes Girona
  • Cinemes Verdi    
  • Cinemes Verdi Park    
  • Disseny Hub Barcelona
  • Méliès Cinemes
  • Zumzeig Cinecooperativa

Kind of movies

All types of genres, big and small budget films, commercial or for moviegoers, fiction or documentary, for all audiences or for adult audiences. And the versions, in the page of each film you can see the available versions: original versions subtitled in Spanish, Catalan, and dubbed versions, also in Spanish, Catalan and some in Basque.

Oh, we forgot, the promoter of the event will receive two free tickets to see "his movie".

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