The Vespres d'Hivern of the University of Barcelona


Fifth edition of the Vespres d'Hivern of the University of Barcelona which is committed on this occasion to a completely feminine program. We will enjoy four concerts on the four Friday of February in the Paranymph of the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona.

On February 7 we will have LaboratoriA Flamenco in progress, a scenic proposal of music and dance in which four women reflect and experiment through flamenco about the feminine condition; February 14 will be accompanied by the intimate and melancholic sound that moves between the independent song, folk and pop with a Mallorcan accent by María Jaume; February 21 will be the time of Cor Blanc, or what is the same, of Mireia Bernat and Sergi Serra Mir, who play with synthetic folk and lo-fi, using electric guitar, synthesizer and drum machines; and on February 28 will be the turn of Carles Viarnès, pianist and composer of classical training, which is situated in minimalism and contemporary music, with strokes of electronics.

Tickets are free, but places are limited and it is necessary to get an invitation in advance. Hurry up because they sell out quickly.

The Paranymph of the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona

Another reason to attend the concerts. The Auditorium of the UB (look how wonderful) is the space that best symbolizes the institution, because it represents the idea of ​​University. That is why it is located in the center of the whole construction, and in the center of the transversal axis that connects, on one hand, the building of Letters, and on the other, the Science building, and just above the main lobby. In this room the most solemn acts of the University are celebrated, such as the inaugurations of the course or the investiture of honorary doctors. The space is characterized by exuberance, which contrasts with the neomedievalist austerity of the architectural construction, especially the facade and the cloisters. The surfaces are completely covered with Neomudéjar style decorative elements. The pictorial program is of great importance, in which the historical theme stands out. The set is complemented by allegorical representations, as well as the monarchs that had a prominent role in the history of the UB.