Velázquez and the Golden Age


This exhibition includes a selection of paintings related to Velázquez, the Spanish royal collections and the Spanish painting of the Golden Age. An occasion that you can not miss to contemplate the work of the Sevillian master together with that of other geniuses of his time such as Rubens, Tiziano, Ribera, Girodano, Brueghel the Elder, Van Dyck, De Lorena, Murillo or Zurbarán.

An international artistic context

To understand the work of Diego de Velázquez (1599-1660) it is essential to analyze his work outside the Spanish artistic context. And that is what this exhibition does. Due to the global character of the Spanish monarchy, which reigned in the Iberian Peninsula but also in Flanders, in territories of Italy and in large areas of America and some of Asia, the king's collections were very rich in paintings of artists from those territories. It is in this cosmopolitan framework that Velázquez is best understood. The exhibition brings us closer to this world of Velázquez through seven works and other fifty works by great artists related to him. Works of contemporary international artists to the Spanish painter arranged according to a thematic expository criterion that allows to better understand the originality of Velázquez as narrator. In addition, "Velázquez and the Golden Age" allows artists from different backgrounds to be mixed in each section, thus breaking the barrier of national schools.

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