A tu vera: Flamenco Cycle in Barcelona


With this cycle of Flamenco, Primavera Sound and Arte por Derecho they recover the time of show-cafes. A time when direct contact was essential in the consummation of the cultural fact. Artist and audience wanted to be close, to feel. "A tu vera" gives us back that reality in which the public and flamenco once again look into each other's eyes and become intimate. The Sala Apolo has been adapted to a concert format on a human scale (or almost, given the circumstances) so that we can enjoy the art of Duquende and the show "De Camarón a Lucía" (a teacher paying tribute to his teachers ); the uncomplexed fusion of Lucía Fernanda, with the songbook by Joan Manuel Serrat honored and pinched (Serrat Flamenc @ “Tributo”); and one of the brightest stars of the new constellation of this art: the cantaor Israel Fernández presenting his acclaimed album "Amor" together with Diego del Morao.

Dates of A tu vera

  • Israel Fernández and Diego del Morao - May 7
  • Duquende and Chicuelo - June 10
  • Lucía Fernanda - July 8