The first individual exhibition of Takis (Panagiotis Vassilakis) that is organized in Spain. The Greek sculptor born in Athens and who died in August 2019, pioneered the creation of new artistic forms using magnetism, light and sound.

Takis developed an important part of his artistic career in Paris, London and New York, between the years 1950 and 1970. From then on he lived in Athens until his death. During his seventy-year career, Takis created some of the most innovative and powerful - and playful - works of 20th century art, reinventing the formats of sculpture, painting and music in relation to energy. He was one of the pioneers of experimental art in the 1960s, linking artistic research with scientific and philosophical research.

The earliest sculptures by the Greek artist made explicit reference to classical Greek culture, but he soon began to innovate by incorporating natural forces into his sculptures, paintings and actions. At the same time, he went from figuration to a work closer to experimental abstraction.

This exhibition has been organized by Tate Modern and MACBA.