Salon Playmobil Barcelona


Salon Playmobil Barcelona is a fair with activities for the children: paint faces, sheet metal workshop, play basketball, raffles and the famous search for this mythical doll. In Playmobil Hall you will find national and international vendors and fantastic Playmobil dioramas such as recreation adapted for the Playmobils of Mauritania (twin brother of the Titanic) of 4.5 meters in length.

But this fair is also a solidarity event because they work with the Banc d'Aliments Foundation: during the past year 2019 they collected more than 4 tons of food, and so that this year the collection has the same or more strength, for each food you carry They will give you a ticket for a raffle of a super batch of playmobil products. Following their solidarity line, in addition to food collection, they collaborate with other aid entities to which they make important donations. On this occasion, the beneficiary will be RubíTEA (association of families with people with autism).

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