The plays of the Romea Theater in Barcelona


The Romea Theater was built in 1863 as a private theater. His initial name was Teatre Català, because his intention was to represent works mainly in Catalan, and the public he wanted to address were the popular classes and the petty bourgeoisie of Barcelona. The Teatre Català was one of the most important cultural spaces of expression in Catalan and only from 1939 to 1945 were no works represented in this language. The name change to Teatre Romea was a tribute to Julián Romea Yangüas, a leading actor and writer from Murcia in the 19th century. In 1981 the Romea Theater became the Dramatic Center of the Generalitat and in 1999 it began its new stage under the management of the Grup Focus that commissioned the artistic direction to Calixto Bieito, one of the Spanish stage directors with the greatest international projection. After Bieito, the artistic direction of Romea passed through the hands of Julio Manrique, Borja Sitjà and Carles Canut until it reached its current director, Josep Maria Pou, actor and director, and one of the great figures of Spanish and Catalan theater. All generations of Catalan actors have passed through the Romea Theater, from Enrique Borrás and Margarita Xirgu, to Joan Capri and Josep Maria Pou himself.

The Romea Theater receives support from the Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Culture) and Ajuntament de Barcelona (Institut de Cultura).

Transgression, provocation, reflection and entertainment

The Romea Theater has become an artistic space, which takes risks with innovative and entertaining proposals. Provoke and move to reflection are also the hallmarks of this contemporary production center.

An award-winning theater

Among the various awards that the Romea Theater has received, the Best Theater Programming Award in Spain, awarded by the Huesca International Theater Fair in 2005; the Max Award for the Performing Arts as Best Entrepreneur or Theater Producer in 2007; the Gold Medal for Cultural Merit of the City Council of Barcelona, ​​in 2014, and the Creu de Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in 2015.

The Petit Romea

The Petit Romea is not another theater room attached to the main hall, it is a theater series of Viu el Teatre amb el Teatre Romea, which offers families and schools a program of shows and activities aimed at children from 0 to 14 years. The objective: to awaken the creative gaze of the little ones through the performing arts.