Memes are part of everyday life and have transformed the way we relate and think in public. On November 30 at the CCCB there will be a party to claim this form of popular communication, free and uncontrollable. It will be an evening of conversations, music, screenings and a battle of memes with guests who know the funniest and most peculiar corners of the internet.

The Memefest is a tribute to the hallmarks of memes: the remixing of content, the rapidity and ephemeral success of ideas and images, the communities of users with their own humorous codes, the ugliness that attracts us and the popular stories that are disseminated through network communication.

Participants: Mockudramas (Pol Mallafré), Roberta Vázquez, Rocío Quillahuaman, Laura Tabarés (La Pícara Justina), Kike Garcia, Chenta Tsai (Putochinomaricon), Project UNA, Charlie Pee, Joel Díaz, Raquel Hervás, Joan Ferrús,, albertsanchez .es, that of Cornellà. The directors of the event: Filles d’Internet.

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