The magic of the Orient at the Forum


The Three Kings, as every year, will arrive in Barcelona in the Santa Eulàlia kayak, but there will be no Parade. The last days of 2020 and the first days of 2021, all the magic of the Orient is transferred to the Forum to live a unique experience; also, you can deliver the letters and pacifiers to Gaspar. Melchor or Baltasar in the Great Royal Mailbox, and learn the best kept secrets of the Three Kings and their entire magical entourage.

Their Majesties will not be able to greet us on the streets of Barcelona, ​​but they have adapted to the security measures and have prepared a magical surprise for us: they have sent us in advance a huge shipment with all their most precious belongings and with all the toys that they will deliver in Barcelona. And the best of all is that they are going to create an immersive tour that lasts 30 minutes, where we will learn the magical secrets of the royal procession: floats, costumes, banners, magical machines and fantastic creatures. Page Estel, Page Omar and Page Gregori will guide us virtually in this special installation where we will witness the secret preparation that allows all the homes of Barcelona to receive their gifts.

To attend this activity, a prior reservation must be made from December 15.