LabEmprende - Entrepreneurship Laboratory

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If you are thinking of setting up a business or you want to promote the idea of ​​entrepreneurship among your children, visit this CaixaForum Barcelona space, where you will learn how to use the canvas model to design your business. You can also visit this space even if you do not have a project in mind, because its main purpose is to discover your entrepreneurial spirit.

LabEmprende is organized into five areas that are presented as an interactive and multimedia journey, which will allow you to discover the characteristics and values ​​needed to undertake.

The 5 fields of LabEmprende

WE ARE (entrepreneurs)

Five entrepreneurs will give you the keys that helped them in their project.

LOOK (and learn to observe)

The environment is the best source of inspiration for spotting opportunities. Watching and watching is the first step.

THINK (innovative solutions)

After looking, the idea arises and you have to think carefully whether the idea solves a problem or a need.

MAKE (from idea to business)

The most complicated. The idea seems good, and the business model must be designed, potential customers defined, and tests performed.

START (If you want, you can!)

Winners of the Entrepreneur Challenge, an award that recognizes the best projects developed in the Young Entrepreneurs program of EduCaixa, invite you to know their experience.

The tour, recommended for families with children over 14 years old, is done with a free audio guide inside the room.