Klimt: The Immersive Experience at IDEAL Centre d'Arts Digitals


Third large format immersive production at the IDEAL Digital Arts Center, this time dedicated to the work of the Austrian painter Gustvav KLIMT (Baumgarten, July 14, 1862 - Alsergrund, February 6, 1918). This exhibition, which is a world premiere, is an invitation to the viewer to immerse themselves in the vibrant Vienna of the turn of the century. You will live intensely the evolution of KLIMT's work and his world, guided by more than 1000 square meters of screen, virtual reality glasses and various interactive tools that shape an ambitious and spectacular cultural proposal for all audiences. At Klimt: The Immersive Experience, you will feel inside the paintings and buildings that KLIMT decorated.

About Gustav Klimt

KLIMT, one of the most recognized artists of all time, was a symbolic painter who painted some of the most recognized works in art history. His aesthetics is essential to understand the passage of painting towards modernity.

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