The Just Qawali World Tour brings a centuries-old musical tradition to stages around the world. From the Americas to the UK, from India to the United Arab Emirates, prepare to be immersed in the powerful voice, captivating rhythms and inspiring spirit of the legendary Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

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Enjoy the authentic and exquisite sounds of Qawali music without leaving your city on this extraordinary world tour with renowned artists. Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali, a Pakistani superstar and nephew of Qawali master Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan , will take the stage to give you an impressive performance, along with other prominent stars. Ustad Rahat is renowned for his incredible live performances and his message of love, peace and spirituality, whether it be on highly acclaimed Bollywood movie soundtracks or performing in front of world leaders. This concert will be no exception.

About Qawali music

Qawali music is a musical and spiritual form that originated from the Indian subcontinent and has a rich centuries-long tradition. It is a devotional genre and its main goal is the spiritual connection and elevation of the soul. The Qawali is characterized by its infectious rhythm, hypnotic melodies and powerful vocalizations.

At the heart of the Qawali is the use of Urdu, Persian and Arabic poetry, usually with Sufi religious themes. The singers, known as qawwals, are adept at conveying the passion and emotion of music through their voices, using techniques such as melisma and taan, which allow them to explore different vocal nuances and ornamentation.

Qawalis are usually performed in groups, with a vocal leader and choruses answering their lines. The musical dialogue between the leader and the backing vocals creates a vibrant energy and atmosphere in live performances. Often the audience is involved in the performance, clapping, chanting and actively participating in the musical experience.

Qawali music has transcended borders and has gained international recognition, being appreciated for its artistic beauty and its ability to evoke intense emotions. It is a means of spiritual expression and a form of collective celebration in which music and devotion are uniquely intertwined.

9:30 p.m.
Price from
35.00 €
Zip code
Teatre Tívoli, carrer de Casp 8

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