Job Title: Art Director. About Vogue Spain. Design, Typography & Photography


Elisava, the Barcelona University School of Design and Engineering, offers us the exhibition “Job Title: Art director” that covers the work of the Art Director of Vogue Spain, Óscar Germade, between the years 2017 and 2021. “Job Title: Art director” is a visual review of 126 pieces on Vogue Spain's relationship with design and art direction, the dialogue between fashion and typography, and tradition and novelty.

The exhibition space is divided into four parts: Art Direction, related to the visual part and the design direction of the magazine. Covers, with a review of the work on covers of the last four years. Making of, where the design process of each part of the magazine is shown. Typography, with a visual retrospective of Chamberí's design, a typeface designed ad-hoc by Íñigo Jerez for the magazine.

The sum of these spaces allows us to appreciate the totality of the work involved in the art direction of a fashion magazine today, and to perceive the complexity that comes with inheriting the history of a newspaper like Vogue, together with characters of enormous importance such as Alexander Liberman

On May 19 at 6:30 p.m., Óscar Gernade will offer a conference on YouTube. To see it you have to register.