Interactive gymkhana for Barcelona: Born, Grace or Gothic


An activity to discover or rediscover Barcelona in a different way. You can choose between 3 options: the Gothic Labyrinth, to explore the mysteries and legends of the Gothic quarter; Born stories, the neighborhood that speaks and tells stories; or curiosities of Gracia, a quarter with as much charm as the others but less known. This gymkhana is a perfect combination of fun, technology and culture, in which you will test your knowledge of Barcelona and your team will compete with other teams. During this two to three hour adventure, you will visit different secret places and learn about the legends and curiosities of Barcelona through a mobile app that will send you clues, challenges, puzzles and team points. This activity is interesting for couples, families and groups of friends or work. In the latter case, in addition to helping to get to know Barcelona better, it helps to get to know each other better and to increase their teamwork skills.

The gymkhana are available in Spanish, English and Russian, and you can follow them through your own mobile. If you have already found the exit to all the escapes rooms of Barcelona, ​​this is your activity,

The price is for a group of maximum 6 people.