Global Hope Festival


The Global Hope Festival was born in Barcelona in response to the Covid-19 health emergency. The idea is to offer live streaming concerts through social networks and invite the audience to make a voluntary donation in favor of the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Fund. In addition, with this initiative we approach the personal experience of those who are part of one of the most vulnerable groups in this health emergency.

From different cities in the world (Barcelona, ​​Milan, Seoul, Athens, Mexico City and Lucerne) and with time zones against it, this team made up of enterprising women began working from the beginning of the quarantine in Spain to convert the Global Hope Festival in a reality.

In these weeks of confinement, more than thirty concerts have already been held with artists from all over the world that have achieved thousands of views. Egyptian opera singers, Portuguese guitarists, Japanese violinists, and even Iranians who play traditional instruments and music. The Global Hope Festival wants to move away from the exclusively western gaze of classical music to include repertoires and styles from other cultures.


  • Mary Elizabeth Bowden (trumpet), Saturday May 23, 9:00 p.m. CET - Live
  • Elia Cecino (piano), Sunday May 24, Young Artist Series Live

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