La Gala más IN


The Gala Más IN, of the Grupo SIFU Foundation, is an event in which artists from all disciplines with functional diversity take the stage to show that disability is synonymous with talent, technique and virtuosity ... without limits. On November 29 at the Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona we will be able to enjoy music performed by great virtuosos such as Antonio Belmonte on double bass and Eric Díaz on cello, both diagnosed with ASD; Andrea Zamora and Toni Fernández, visually impaired, who have managed to form a unique tandem with piano and guitar; or Esther Sanmartín, Manel Ortega and Mónica López who will fill the most IN night with emotion and feeling.

In total there will be six musical performances that will bring together more than 40 artists, with and without disabilities, together and directed by Oriol Saña, artistic director of La Gala más IN.

Inclusive art and SuperArte

The goal of La Gala más IN is to promote inclusive art, but with your attendance, the public contributes to the SuperArte artistic scholarship program. A project that promotes the artistic development of people with disabilities as a way for their integration and that, in addition, offers them new job opportunities through a professional and educational program in the artistic field.

The Gala más IN, which this year reaches its sixth edition, will be held on the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities that is celebrated on December 3.