Flic Festival


FLIC is a festival related to literary experience and creation. Its main objective is to promote the relationship between literature and the different arts. They use innovative and experimental formats that encourage interdisciplinary creation, while generating interest in the literary. Following this line, the FLIC encourages literary action in unusual spaces and brings it closer to audiences at risk of social exclusion. Another feature of the festival is its proximity to powerful international initiatives, which is why it has been recognized with the European quality seal of EFFE LABEL 2017-2018 of the EFA. This stamp is only received by Festivals that stand out for their artistic quality and that have a remarkable impact on three levels: local, national and international.

The FLIC is celebrated in several cities and has itinerant character. It is organized in several sections with differentiated programming in each of them.

Fair of literary creation

An editing market aimed at professionals, workshops, conferences, a table for illustrators, literature for children with activities for the whole family and many other activities.

Date: March 15 - 16
Place: Barcelona Design Museum

Literary experiences

A universe of activities ranging from a show of rhythms and rhymes, to experimentation with different ways of telling a story, through the literary adventure, a gymkhana of literary challenges in some rooms of the museum. And more, much more.

Date: March 9
Place: MNAC

Flic Creation

A space to experiment with the creative processes of artists. Works of art as a set of words that, according to their union, give one meaning or another. Simple exercises on the comic to explore about the alchemy of the union of drawing and the word. And an audovisual on the sensation of movement.

Date: March 23
Place: MACBA


Participatory dance show. A stimulating journey between the power of dance and the magic of literature.

Date: March 2 - 3
Place: Mercat de les Flors

Literary frames

Two movies One for a family audience (up to 7 years) and another for an adult audience.

Date: March 17
Place: Filmoteca de Catalunya

Flic School

Extensive program for schools. Literary experiences, performances, workshops and many other activities.

Date: February 11 to 15, February 18 to 22, February 27 and 28, March 1, 5, 6, 7, 12 and 13.
Place: Various spaces

Network Flic

It is an international program for Illustration and Design Schools, Artistic Baccalaureate and professionals of the sector whose objective is to promote the relationship between literature and illustration. If you participate in this program you can compete in the Network FLIC Award and access the exclusive programming of the Network Pass.

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