Fina Miralles. I Am All the Selves that I Have Been


Fina Miralles, born in Sabadell in 1950, is one of the most relevant artists in Spain from the 1970s to the present day. Her work arises in a hostile and limiting environment, in which Franco's censorship controlled any form of expression according to moral criteria imposed by the Catholic Church. The work of Fina Miralles managed to break with the academic proposals that were taught in the art schools of the time and with the established forms of behavior. The history of art has assigned Miralles's production to the heading of conceptual art, land art or even feminism, often without attending to or understanding the breadth and complexity of her proposals, which go beyond those labels. Perhaps that is the reason why her work is little known internationally.

The exhibition does not follow a chronological order, but is organized following the concepts that constitute the backbone of the work of Fina Miralles: belonging, authority, power, the established order, and in the notions of art, artist and spectator . The artist has made a generous donation to the MACBA of a portion of the works on display in the exhibition.