Festival Primera Persona


Primera Persona, the festival that brings together creators from different artistic disciplines who base their work on their own life experience, says goodbye after nine years. And he does it with a party and a fantastic thematic edition: First Person special “Scars”. This special edition will go beyond the stages and, in addition to presenting the traditional performances, it takes the form of a tribute book with texts, songs and cartoons by more than twenty national creators.

It all started in 2012 under the slogan "I am my hero." The CCCB Theater was filled for the first time with the personal experiences of a handful of musicians and writers narrated in the first person. Throughout all these editions, more than 200 creators including writers, musicians, journalists, filmmakers and cartoonists have shared generous portions of their privacy with almost 10,000 viewers. Established authors such as Robert Forster, Julieta Venegas, James Rhodes, Vivian Gornick, Brett Anderson, Juan Marsé, Caitlin Moran, Eduardo Mendoza, Manolo García, Laetitia Sadier, Kiko Veneno, José Luis Cuerda and Renata Adler have passed through the festival stages. and other authors not so well known to the general public such as Amarna Miller, Sheila Heti, Oriol Llopis, Ignatius Farray, Dr John Cooper Clarke or Dani El Rojo.

The farewell party of the Primera Persona

In the final party of the Primera Persona you will be able to follow the performances of a good part of the talent gathered in the digital publication Cicatrices, where monologues, punk-rockers, illustrators and novelists revolve around a single concept, that of scars (both physical and symbolic), each contributing their personal vision. Oye Sherman will be the master of ceremonies, and David Caño, Anna Pacheco, Rocío Quillahuaman, Lluís Cabot and Clara Viñals, L'Hereu Escampa, Miquel Adam, Esther García Llovet, Stivijoes and Hijos del Trueno will pass through the Pati de les Dones stage. The end of the party is in charge of Joe Crepúsculo who, despite not having participated in the publication, could not miss the stage as a composer: together with Manolo Vázquez they have created the anthem of the Primer Persona. Ten performances that for almost three hours will put an end to a festival that, paraphrasing Otero, “was, above all, its protagonists.

Scars can be followed free of charge in streaming and downloaded, also free, from Saturday, May 15.