Festival Primera Persona


The Primera Persona festival receives that name because it brings together creators from different artistic disciplines who base their work on their own life experience. There are two days of live autobiography: tragicomic monologues, pop music, theater and narrative.

This festival is characterized by following three lines of action: requesting special proposals from large firms, detecting new voices and developing thematic capsules on subculture, socio-cultural phenomena and secret stories of the city.

Indoors 2020 First Person Special Edition

In a normal situation, the CCCB would be holding the ninth edition of the Primera Persona festival, but this year we will have to wait. While we are in standby mode, they have prepared an appetizer of their life stories, which they will broadcast online: a First Person Indoors. In this special edition they will have two exceptional guests: the New Yorker journalist Jia Tolentino, who will talk about privacy, exposure and the internet with the also journalist Noelia Ramírez; and the writer and novelist Rachel Cusk, who will talk about marital and sentimental ruins with the journalist Anna Guitart. Before the talk by Jia Tolentino and Noelia Ramírez, the festival directors, Kiko Amat and Miqui Otero, will present the event and announce the dates of the ninth edition of the First Person.

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