Festival Panoràmic


Panoràmic is a photography festival that expresses itself through friendly disciplines such as cinema, video, installations and other contemporary artistic practices. It is a singular and unique cultural proposal.

In this new edition, the festival will investigate the concept of public and published intimacies: the secret, private and hidden is discovered when the image is made public. Hence this year's motto, "Extimacy". The word "extim" appears for the first time in a text by Albert Thibaudet in 1923, but the term did not become official until 1969 when the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan used it in one of his seminars.

To this day, the intensive use of networks and the need to explain privacy have highlighted this concept. According to psychologists, the habitual practice of making known visually what until now was intimate and private, causes a change in our image and the relationships between others; nothing is harmless anymore.

The Panoràmic Festival takes place in Granollers and Barcelona. In Barcelona, ​​the main headquarters is the Arts Santa Mònica.