To Exhibit · Not to Expose · To Expose · Not to Exhibit


Under the title To Exhibit · Not to Expose · To Expose · Not to Exhibit, the new Santa Mònica presents its first programming cycle. The exhibition revolves around questions that derive from the very processes of deconstruction and reconstruction of an arts center in the institutional, architectural and symbolic spheres.

The first major exhibition of the new Santa Mònica reveals and questions the exhibition mechanisms: the physical, but invisible, and the immaterial that remain in the shadow by their very nature. It is exposed the technology (high and low) that hides behind the works, the architecture behind the props, the spotlights, etc. Also the institutional gestures and (dis)affections that are hidden in any exhibition are also exposed; and the people, those who are artists and those who are not, who support from the bottom up all the creative work that is finally presented in an arts center.

The cycle analyzes for sixteen weeks the exhibition and dissemination mechanisms with which the center works and will work. A living and mutable organism, which offers different readings to each visitor and new layers in each visit.