Estopa, Gira Fuego Barcelona


The brothers David and José Muñoz celebrate 20 years of musical trajectory with their band Estopa for all the stages of Spain with the publication of a new record work, Fuego. Since La Raja de tu Falda was published in 1999, they have not stopped harvesting successes and sales, such as the sales record for a debutante group thanks to the 1,200,000 copies sold from their first album, Estopa.

The brothers David and José Muñoz, or what is the same, Estopa, is the most famous Spanish duo since they made themselves known there in 1999. The group of the Barcelona city of Cornellá de Llobregat, with its urban rumba, exceeded the million copies in Spain with his first album. Songs like Tu calorro, La raja de tu falda, Como Camarón or El del medio de los Chichos, still remain in the memory. Estopa has repeated his original formula of pop rumba rock on all his albums (they are already seven), achieving great success both here and abroad.

More than 4 million copies

Throughout his career, Estopa has already sold more than 4 million albums worldwide. It is said that his name arose from the motivating cry Dale estopa !, which was used by the person in charge of the factory where they worked. Currently the band continues to have great respect from the public and critics, and is considered a reference group in its genre. Estopa has remained true to its line over time, launching new albums and promoting them on intense tours in Spain and in some Latin American countries, where the group has been gaining popularity.

In their Fuego Tour, in addition to their new songs, they will play all their greatest hits. Do not miss this concert that will be a full-fledged celebration of one of the most important Spanish groups of recent decades.