Escape Room - Invitation: will you escape from a ghost birthday?


A room escape very well valued by the participants. Those who have never participated in an activity of this type come out wanting more. The plot is very well thought out and the atmosphere designed with care. It is not an easy escape room but with teamwork and the right direction of the game master, the tension is exceeded to reach the goal of the exit. Because this escape room is lived intensely: you will go through nerves, maybe even some fear but you will also laugh, maybe nervous. A full-fledged escape to enjoy with friends or family and as a user says "have a good time with teenage children and let them rest for sixty minutes of mobile, computer and television"

The plot of Invitation: will you escape from a ghost birthday?

The central theme is a birthday, but a very special one: it is a ghost birthday because the honoree will not be present. Marcos, a boy who has been missing for more than thirty years, is celebrating his birthday. You were not sure but in the end you decided to accept the invitation. Big mistake, curiosity has gained fear: now you are trapped and with the need to solve all kinds of tests to find the way out, and not get caught up with Marcos for the rest of your lives.

Duration: 1 hour
Minimum age: 16 years
Days: every day
Group: from 2 to 6 people (the price is per group)

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